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Birmingham City University offers two postgraduate courses in Obstetric Ultrasound in first and third trimester scanning which are aimed at midwives. These courses started in 2003 and were developed with the West Midlands Regional Ultrasound Group. There have been 38 students admitted to the courses in the last 5 years.

These courses cover pregnancy dating and third trimester fetal surveillance. They are primarily designed to be task-orientated, and to equip midwives with ultrasound skills. They are at postgraduate level, with 30 “M” level credits, which can be used in conjunction with other credits towards a Masters Degree. They consist of 5 days theoretical teaching and 100 hours of clinical placement. They are not accredited by CASE, as they do not accredit short courses.

It is important however to understand that this cannot contibute towards the postgraduate certificate/diploma in ultrasound, which will continue to be the mainstay of general ultrasound education.

The NSC Down's Syndrome Standards specify the minimum qualifications for professionals undertaking antenatal screening scans. In 2009, the NSC confirmed that the level of training and assessment of the West Midlands short course for first trimester is appropriate to undertake screening scans in the first trimester.

The courses will be submitted for accreditation by CASE in April 2010.

The intake for these courses is in September and February of each year.

  The Obstetric Ultrasound Dating Scan
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