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The Perinatal Institute runs ad hoc multidisciplinary education events on aspects of ultrasound.

Ongoing training

For sonographers Birmingham City University
For medical staff Basic Programme
For midwifery staff The Obstetric Ultrasound Dating Scan
  Third Trimester Fetal Surveillance Ultrasound

Other training events

ARC training
(Communication skills)

Antenatal Results & Choices (ARC) were commissioned to carry out training, which was funded in part by the NSC.
Training has taken place 9 times enabling 158 sonographers to be trained, representing 91% of current sonographers. 13 staff have not yet attended training in this area.


Nuchal translucency training

Training in nuchal translucency scanning delivered by the Fetal Medicine Foundation and supported by the National Screening Committee.
Nine events at different venues across the West Midlands attended by 80 staff.


Hands on Hearts

A one day hands on course in fetal echocardiography run with the support of the Cardiology Team at Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Held on four occasions for sonographers and once for medical staff with 62 staff trained.


Obstetric Ultrasound: What Midwives Need To Know

Content included many aspects of ultrasound across the 3 trimesters; speakers were from across the West Midlands.
Held on 3 occasions, there were 249 attendees.

Past Education Forums (2000 onwards)

Title Date Details
Invasive Procedures 2007 Oct

Content included a regional audit of CVS procedures, amniocentesis for soft markers (including the launch of the new policy), and an overview of fetal therapies.
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 89 attendees.

Central Nervous System Anomalies & MRI 2006 Oct

Content included data on holoprosencephaly and the use of antenatal MRI. Invited speakers included Paul Griffiths (Sheffield) and Katharine Foster (Birmingham Children's Hospital).
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 82 attendees.

TOPFA 2006 Mar

Content included the medical issues and legal background of this ethically ambiguous area of fetal medicine. Invited speakers included Elizabeth Wicks (Law School, University of Birmingham).
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 93 attendees.

Abdominal Wall Defects 2005 Sep

Content included the results of the research project into the causes of gastroschisis presented by Liz Draper (University of Leicester).
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 85 attendees.

Doppler in Pregnancy 2004 Oct

Content included an overview of the main features of Doppler and the clinical role of Doppler in pregnancy, aimed at non-sonographers.
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 55 attendees from 15 maternity units.

Doppler Master class 2004 Jun

Content included the physics, practical application, and clinical role of Doppler.
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 59 attendees from 19 maternity units.

SURUSS 2002 Oct Content included the results of the SURUSS trial. Invited speakers included Peter Twining (Nottingham) and Nicholas Wald (Wolfson Institute).
Held at New Cross Hospital, there were 145 attendees.
Ventriculomegaly & Hydrocephalus 2002 Apr

Content included the epidemiology, detection, and management of ventriculomegaly and hydrocephalus. Invited speakers included Janesh Gupta and Mike Watkinson (Heartlands Hospital).
Held at Queens Hospital Burton, there were 105 attendees.

Monochorionic Twins 2001 Oct

Content included the epidemiology, detection, and management of monochorionic twin pregnancies.
Held in Warwick, there were 143 attendees.

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 2001 Jun

Content included the epidemiology, detection, and paediatric surgical management of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Invited speakers included Anthony Lander (Birmingham Children’s Hospital).
Held at Heartlands Hospital, there were 67 attendees.

Soft Markers 2001 Mar

Content included antenatal screening for soft markers in ultrasound. Invited speakers included Steve Walkinshaw (Liverpool).
Held at the Perinatal Institute, there were 118 attendees.




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