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Ultrasound is a non-invasive tool for screening, diagnosis, and surveillance in pregnancy. Two scans are offered routinely to all pregnant women; in the first trimester (dating +/- nuchal translucency) and second trimester (anomaly).

Antenatal ultrasound is standardised within the West Midlands, and all units offer these two scans to all women. In addition, those presenting in early pregnancy with pain or bleeding will be offered an early pregnancy scan. Those at high risk of prenatal mortality may undergo third trimester ultrasound, which may be performed on multiple occasions.

The Regional Ultrasound Group is supported by the Institute and within the framework of this group standards for ultrasound scanning and training are discussed and agreed.

Ultrasound is also an important component of the Congenital Anomaly Register, which is run by the Perinatal Institute. Ultrasound scan reports of congenital anomalies are recorded within the congenital anomaly database.








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