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Ms Nia Carnevale   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Ms Veronica Donovan   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Ms Sharon Hodgkiss   West Midlands Perinatal Institute
Ms Angela Hodgson   Russells Hall Hospital
Mr Simon Jenkinson   New Cross Hospital
Prof Mark Kilby   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Dr Ellen Knox   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Mr Simon Larkins   West Mids Regional Genetics Laboratory
Mr Bill Martin   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Ms Geraldine Masson   North Staffordshire Maternity Hospital
Dr Wendy Oakley   Queens Hospital, Burton
Ms Suzanne Poulton   Good Hope Hospital
Ms Ann Tonks   West Midlands Perinatal Institute
Ms Marguerite Usher-Somers   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Prof Martin Whittle   Birmingham Women's Hospital
Mr Mike Wyldes   Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

The Authors wish to thank Prenatal Diagnosis for their permission to reproduce images 2, 3 & 6 originally published in:

Shipp TD and Benacerraf B R. Second trimester ultrasound screening for chromosomal abnormalities Prenat Diagn 2002; 22: 296-307.


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