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Soft Markers

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The RUG Soft Marker Subgroup produced a document in November 2002 that represented the recommendations of the Regional Ultrasound Group for best practice in this difficult area of prenatal screening. The recommendations were based on expert review of current evidence. It was felt that guidelines were the best way of supporting ultrasonographers in their work.

A new version (2.0) was issued in November 2007 to include amendments made following a review of West Midlands data

A soft marker is defined here as an ultrasound finding at 18-22 weeks gestation which increases the risk of the fetus having a chromosomal anomaly (usually trisomy 21).

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Soft markers
Nuchal pad >= 6mm
Echogenic bowel
Echogenic foci in the fetal heart
Short femur length
Fetal pyelectasis
Choroid plexus cysts
Soft Markers Sub-group


Written by
Ellen Knox MRCOG
Sub-speciality Trainee

Ann Tonks MPH
Project Manager

Mike Wyldes FRCOG
Consultant Obstetrician

Edited and Directed by:
The Soft Markers Sub-group

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