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Shoulder dystocia
Cord prolaspe
Uterine rupture
Placental abruption

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Kara Dent, Perinatal Institute, October 2000

This Perinatal Forum concentrated on four obstetric emergencies:

Together, these emergencies account for less than 4% of all deliveries and are a comparatively infrequent cause of perinatal mortality in the West Midlands. However, CESDI reports have highlighted their importance because many of these deaths are avoidable. For example, shoulder dystocia was directly associated with 6.4% of all intrapartum deaths, and two thirds of these cases were judged to have avoidable factors in their management. Also, these cases give rise to many instances of litigation. Currently, the NHS Litigation authority has 144 cases of shoulder dystocia on their books which are in total estimated to cost the NHS £ 41.5 million (figures taken from REALISE)


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