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Uterine hyperstimulation is often unrecognised and is a common result of current oxytocin use. In the West Midlands, 58% of units have a 15 minute incremental interval for Syntocinon infusion, whereas according to RCOG recommendations, there is no benefit of using intervals less than 30 minutes. Less than 40% of units in this region have a protocol for dealing with uterine hyperstimulation.  

Suggested Management of Uterine Hyperstimulation:


  • Syntocinon off!
  • Turn mother on her side
  • Oxygen by mask
  • Prepare for possible delivery
  • Consider Tocolytics if no response

Indications for tocolytics during labour at term include fetal distress associated with uterine hypertonus, cord prolapse and trapped breech. Currently licensed tocolytics are Beta-sympathomimetics: Salbutamol Ritodrine (Reference 1), and Terbutaline (Reference2). Magnesium Sulphate and Nitroglycerin (Reference 03) have also been trialed. Magnesium Sulphate (Reference 4) is not as effective as Terbutaline, but may be a good second line drug when ß-sympathomimetics can not be used. A possible consequence of any tocolytic therapy is uterine atony post delivery resulting in postpartum haemorrhage.


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