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Important Agencies

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Important Agencies and Conclusion

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Women’s Aid Federation of England – available for advice both personal and professional and emergency accommodation

PO Box 391
Bristol BS99 7WS

Tel office:   0117 944 4411
Tel helpline:   08457 023468

Birmingham Women’s Aid  

Helpline   0121 685 8550
Emergency Refuge Accommodation   0121 344 4889

Police Domestic Violence Units

The domestic violence officer can be accessed via your local police station

Legal Advice

The Law Society (ask about Domestic Violence solicitors firms)     0870 606 6575

Numbers correct at time of publication (12/2001). Local agencies are available via the national numbers. Every unit should display up to date information, which should be checked regularly – some local agencies may change numbers or suffer funding problems. Numbers should be displayed on the back of toilet doors so that women can access them in private. Ideally local numbers should be available on credit card size leaflets that can be hidden inside a woman’s shoe, for example.

The most recent Confidential Enquiry into maternal deaths (Reference1) recommends that each trust/community team should develop guidelines for identification of domestic violence and the provision of support and referral to appropriate multiagency organisations. This should complement the display of local support agency numbers as explained above. In addition the report identified the need for further education and training regarding the recognition and management of domestic violence. In the absence as yet of an extensive training programme, individuals should make themselves aware of the presentation and be able to offer basic support and referral.


1. Why Mothers Die 1997-1999. Confidential Enquiries Into Maternal Deaths 2001. Published RCOG press. Available on line

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