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The aim of the UK national screening committee is to implement a co-ordinated approach to antenatal screening that will involve all levels (midwives, clinicians, Public Health, Colleges, sonographers, laboratories and regional centres) so that they work as one group. The outline for this infrastructure was proposed in September 2000 with work commencing in December of that year. 8 regional co-ordinators have been appointed to support local co-ordinators, alongside trainers and analysts for each one. Each hospital should have its own screening midwife specialist that are responsible for service delivery and managing local screening programmes under the direction of a provider board.

This is a 3 year strategy. The aim of the 1st year is development of the infrastructure with mapping of current service provisions and the production of a report. Standards need to be developed and agreed, looking at training needs alongside the development of IT and communication network.

The 2nd year will look at starting the baseline mapping for ultrasound services and working with the hospitals to implement Down Screening. This leaves the 3rd year to assess the structure and implementation, adjusting as needed and maybe introducing other screens from the NSC.

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