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MANNERS Information leaflet

The following leaflet has been released in early 2005 to summarise the MANNERS Maternity development. It includes information about the dataset and the .NET functionality of MANNERS.
Click here to download a copy in Adobe PDF format (1.6Mb)

Maternity Dataset

The dataset incorporates datafields required for NN4B, fetal growth, congenital anomalies, rapid report forms for stillbirths and neonatal deaths, smoking cessation, the National Screening Committee and BAPM. It has been developed in consultation with the Professional Advisory Group, representatives from the Midwifery profession and Dr. Simon Jenkinson. The dataset mirrors the Pregnancy and Birth Notes (see Please e-mail any comments or queries to Nicola Beamish

The following download gives a data field list under both main and sub headings in line with MANNERS software.

Antenatal Screening Dataset Version 4.3 - April 2005
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  Maternity Core Data Index Version 6 - December 2005
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Currently, under active discussion is the classification of ethnicity which is important for perinatal data. We are seeking your views on a proposal to classify according to Geographical Ethnic Origin. Further information:

Ethnic Origin
Last Updated 11/08/03
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Mother and Baby Data - Consent Protocol

The Perinatal Institute has developed a regional protocol for secondary data.

Click here to download explanatory letter

Click here to download protocol (Update June 2005)


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