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(Maternal And NeoNatal Electronic Recording System)

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The collection of good perinatal data is a principal aim of the Perinatal Institute, as it underlies the study of the causes of adverse outcomes and the work towards effective strategies for their prevention. It is also essential for the provision of the most cost-effective and efficient service. For this purpose, we are developing MANNERS. The initiative is supported by West Midlands Specialist Services Agency.

MANNERS uses a core dataset based largely on data, which has already been defined. Fine-tuning is done through an iterative process of multidisciplinary consultation and field-testing in maternal and neonatal units. The Perinatal Institute’s IT unit programs the software and updates and amends the data fields as required. As the software runs on the central server, all units use the most up to date version.

Our standard Perinatal Dataset consists of the following components:

  1. Maternity data incl. information required for NHS Numbers for Babies
  2. Neonatal data, adapted from the BAPM dataset
  3. Antenatal Screening data incl. recommendations of UK National Screening Committee
  4. Paediatric High Dependency Care data, preliminary dataset in progress


MANNERS Information leaflet

The Perinatal Institute has issued an information leaflet about the maternity dataset and MANNERS functionality.
Click here to download a copy in Adobe PDF format (1.6Mb)

On-line demonstration modules are available however they are only accessible from sites that have an NHSNet connection (not available from a public Internet connection)

If you have any further queries regarding the MANNERS project, please contact Nicola Beamish

The Perinatal Institute has a Confidentiality Policy which relates to all data held by the Institute. The Policy can be viewed here. Request for data requires completion of the appropiate Data Request Form which can be downloaded from here.


Mother and Baby Data - Consent Protocol

The Perinatal Institute has developed a regional protocol for secondary data.

Click here to download explanatory letter

Click here to download protocol (Update June 2005)





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