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Reducing Perinatal & Infant Mortality in the West Midlands was identified as a key priority in NHS West Midlands 5 year strategic framework 'Investing for Health' (IFH) published in November 2007, which aims to work collaboratively to improve the region’s health.

Project 2c, Reducing Perinatal & Infant Mortality was initiated in 2008 and is a collaborative approach across all health Trusts and the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to try to better understand the root causes of why the West Midlands has such high incidence of these deaths. It focuses on areas where the existing evidence suggests that early interventions are most likely to improve the health and well being of both the mother and the baby and thus reduce the incidence of adverse outcome. It also seeks to collect robust information from a variety of sources to allow wider intelligence to inform future commissioning and delivery of an improved service.

The project has four distinct work streams which are interrelated and sometimes reliant upon each other to deliver the overarching aims of the programme:

  1. Key Performance Indicators reported in quarterly Health Improvement Report (
  2i A framework for data capture - Maternity Systems Survey - (
  2ii A regional confidential enquiry into intrapartum related deaths - (
  3. A local accountability and governance framework - Local Implementation Groups - (

Routine standardised regional maternity data collection and analysis – coordinated and implemented by WMPI (
       The Regional Perinatal Dataset can be found here
       The 5 Quality Indicators - Rationale & Targets document can be found here

The project was completed in March 2011 and the Final Achievement Report can be found on at

For more detailed information about the project please go to

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