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Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes Package - Version 10.1

Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes are available to order from the Perinatal Institute, and are to be used in conjunction with the Pregnancy notes.

For further information about training or how to order:
Email: office@pi.nhs.uk Tel: 0121 687 3400
Or mail: Perinatal Institute
Crystal Court
Aston Cross
B6 5RQ

Price per pack of 25 sets of notes = £18.75 (£0.75/set).

Each set of notes includes:

- Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes booklet - 1/1
- Clinic held summary sheet -1/1

If further follow-on sheets are required they are available at cost price:

- Clinic Held Summary Sheet - pack of 25
- Continuation sheets, Page 10 - pack of 25

To support use of the Notes:
- Dedicated website (www.preg.info )
- Training support

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