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Good record keeping is a cornerstone of best practice, and has been emphasised repeatedly by CEMACH and other surveys on patient safety and avoidable harm. They are also NMC and CNST requirements.
A recent report by CEMACH reviewing Diabetes in pregnancy found deficiencies in standards of note-keeping was a common factor associated with poor maternal and fetal outcomes (44% obstetric notes & 51% diabetes notes). The report also highlighted deficiencies in communication between groups of professionals (56%), and between professionals and women (47%)

Therefore it is important to have a comprehensive document which is evidence based and supports care provision. It should clearly record the care provided, and have prompts to alert to risk factors according to the NICE guidelines.

The new Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes, have been developed to be used in addition to the Pregnancy Notes, for women who have diabetes either pre-existing or gestational. This ensures the expectant mother is given additional information related to her specific care requirements, whilst ensuring she is still given information on what to expect from other aspects of antenatal care; such as screening tests. These notes aim to facilitate a partnership between the principal stakeholders in antenatal care – mother, baby and the multi disciplinary team engaged in providing care for expectant mothers. The notes place emphasis on patient safety and informed choice.

In-House Development Team

Jane Dale Consultant Endocrinologist
Russels Hall Hospital
Kate Morse Specialist Midwife
Perinatal Institute
Jill Wright Specialist Midwife
Perinatal Institute
Jason Gardosi Director
Perinatal Institute
Neil Shah Consultant Obstetrician
Heartlands Hospital
Pat Brydon

Diabetes Midwife Specialist
BWH/Perinatal Institute

Andre Francis Type setting and layout
Perinatal Institute
Kevin Marshall Web developer
Perinatal Institute

External Development Team

Dr Aresh Anwar

Consultant Physician, Diabetes & Endocrinology
University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire.

Dr Philip Dyer Consultant Diabetologist
Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Louise Farrall Consultant Obstetrician
University Hospital Coventry &
Janet Gordon Advanced Dietitian for Maternal Health, Community Nutrition &
Dietetic Department,
St Patrick's Centre, Birmingham.
Dr Sharon Jones Consultant Physician, Diabetes & Endocrinology
Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield
Patricia McGeown Business Manager/Head of Midwifery, Perinatal Institute,
Dr Wendy Oakley Consultant Obstetrician
Queens Hospital, Burton-on Trent.
Peter Shorrick West Midlands Regional Manager
Diabetes UK, Walsall
Theresa Smyth

Nurse Consultant in Diabetes, Diabetes Centre,
Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham.



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