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Diabetes in Pregnancy
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The aim of the Advisory Group is to advise the West Midlands Perinatal Institute on current clinical priorities and guidelines in order to improve diabetes care in and around pregnancy, (pre-existing and gestational) and to make regional recommendations and assist with projects which seek to facilitate the delivery of such care.


  1. To review and comment on published evidence and guidelines concerning diabetes care in pregnancy.
  2. To assess and make recommendations on progress of various initiatives co-ordinated by the Perinatal Institute - such as the standardisation of record keeping, maintenance of a regional register and the development of recommendations for best practice.
  3. To assess the results and implications of audits and other related reports and how they are relevant for service improvements in the West Midlands
  4. To consider, advise and promote relevant research initiatives relating to diabetes in pregnancy
  5. To build a network and promote collaboration amongst all professionals and agencies involved in diabetic care.


  • Director of the Perinatal Institute (Chair)
  • Consultant Diabetologists (5)
  • Consultant Obstetricians (4)
  • Nursing / Midwife representative
  • Dietician
  • User representative
  • Project Manager(s) (Perinatal Institute)
  • Additional members co-opted as required
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