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The CTG Tutor - Demo version is available as a free download from this site. It contains the tutorial and one clinical case. The full version of the program, with ten clinical cases, can be downloaded from here

Once you have downloaded the CTGDEMO.EXE file, run the program and it will guide you through the installation process

Grant Of License. The West Midlands Perinatal Institute, as Licensor, grants to you, the Licensee, a non-exclusive right to use this software demonstration program for non-commercial use. The West Midlands Perinatal Institute and Nottingham University retain the copyright, title and ownership of this software and associated media.

Disclaimer: This software is not intended to be used for clinical management of individual cases. The authors cannot accept responsibility for any clinical diagnoses or decisions made on the basis of this program.

Please select Agree if you accept to the licence agreement. If you select Disagree, you will not be able to download the CTG Tutor (Demonstration Edition)

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