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Community Growth Scanning (CoGS)

outline and reference documents

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  Community Growth Scanning
Service development project outline for Birmingham PCTs (BEN, HoB, South), Sandwell and Solihull
  The following links will take you to various background documents and supporting evidence:  

COGS Evaluation - Sep 2012
Results and pregnancy outcomes to Jan 2012 including workload, IUGR prevalence, and detection


COGS Interim Report - Update April 11.
Covers interim results of the first five months of the project


CoGS Protocol
Includes inclusion & exclusion criteria and referral pathways for the service

  Service modelling 3T Jan 09
Calculation of third trimester community scan resource estimates per 1000 maternities
  Detection of fetal growth restriction Jan 09
Summarising of rationale and evidence for the need to detect fetal growth restriction, and related WM initiatives
  Birmingham Fetal Growth Audit Jan 09
Summary report of casenote audit on antenatal detection of fetal growth restriction in 3 Birmingham units

Confidential Enquiries on Stillbirths with Fetal Growth Restriction July 2007
Final report of the confidential enquiries conducted by WMPI on behalf of the Birmingham & Black Country Reducing Perinatal Mortality Project


Ultrasound standards for fetal growth assessment Jan 09
This document outlines the regional 'best practice' recommendation for ultrasound scans for women who are high risk for fetal growth restriction, or where fundal height measurement is not possible.

  Regional Ultrasound Survey 2007: Workforce / Workload Jan 08
Summary of post/staffing and obstetric ultrasound activity in the West Midlands WMPI
  Service Modelling WM Obstetric Ultrasound Oct 2008
Estimates of workload requirements across 3 trimesters, worked up and agreed with Regional Ultrasound Group. Includes averages for scan lengths and the proportion of women who requiring them

Safe maternity ultrasound - current demands on resources Oct 08
A summary document of the increasing requirements on ultrasound resources in each of the pregnancy semesters, prepared at request of WMPI Governing Board.


IUGR QIPP February 2011
An analysis of the detection of fetal growth restriction and its impact upon outcome and healthcare expenditure




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