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Pat Brydon
Project Support Midwife

Pat Brydon is a Diabetes Project Support Midwife at the Perinatal Institute for maternal and child health in Birmingham working within a team of 5 Midwives and is involved in projects aimed at enhancing midwifery care and maternity service provision across the region.

Pat qualified and practiced as a Registered General Nurse in 1984, obtaining experience and an Ophthalmic Nursing Diploma prior to qualifying and practicing as a Midwife in 1987 at Queen Charlottes Hospital, London. She moved to the West Midlands in 1989 where she has continued to practice, gaining experience in a variety of areas. Prior to her current appointment, Pat worked for the University of Birmingham to establish and maintain a database for women with pre-gestational and gestational diabetes in pregnancy within the West Midlands.

Currently she is assisting in the co-ordination and implementation of the Regional Confidential Enquiry into the Diabetic Pregnancy and other associated perinatal projects in the Institute as well as working as a Midwife in a combined multidisciplinary Diabetic Antenatal Clinic within the Birmingham & Black Country

Pat's most recent publications

  • Pre-conception diabetes care in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, Quarterly Journal of Medicine 1999; 92: 175-176. F.P. Dunne, P Brydon, T Smith, M Essex, H Nicholson, J Dunn
  • Pregnancy outcome in women with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus complicated by Nephropathy Quarterly Journal of Medicine 1999; 92: 451-454. F.P. Dunne, T.A. Chowdhary, A Hartland, T Smith, P.A. Brydon, C Conkey, H.O. Nicholson
  • Pregnancy Outcome in Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus needs to be addressed. International Journal Clinical Practice September 2000: 54; No 7, 418-419. P Brydon, T Smith, M Proffitt, H Gee, R Holder, F Dunne
  • Fetal and maternal outcomes in Indo-Asian compared to Caucasian women with diabetes in pregnancy. Quarterly Journal of Medicine 2000: 93; 813-818. F.P Dunne, P.A. Brydon, M Proffitt, T Smith, H Gee, R.L. Holder.
  • Approaching Saint Vincent: Perinatal Mortality. Diabetic Medicine 2001: 18; 333-334. Dunne F, Brydon P, Proffitt M, Smith T, Gee H, Holder R.
  • Maternal ante-natal parameters as predictors of persistent postnatal glucose intolerance: a comparative study between Afro-Caribbeans, Asians and Caucasians Diabetic Medicine 2003: 20; 382-386. B. Sinha, P Brydon, R.S. Taylor, A Hollins. A Munro, D Jenkins, F Dunne.
  • Pregnancy in women with type 2 diabetes: 12 years outcome data 1990-2002. Diabetic Medicine 2003: 20, 734-738 F Dunne, P Brydon, K Smith and H Gee.
  • Changes in Plasma lipids and markers of Oxidative Stress in normal pregnancy and pregnancies complicated by Diabetes. Clinical Science 2004: 106; 93-98. V Toescu, SL Nuttall, U Martin, P Nightingale, MJ Kendall, P Brydon, F Dunne.


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