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Andre Francis
Senior Statistician and Information Specialist

Born in Liverpool, Andre joined the Royal Air Force in 1962. He worked in various Group and Command Statistics branches serving in Wiltshire, the Middle East and Berkshire. He left the RAF after six years to pursue a university education through the City of Westminster College, City University, Garnett College and Brunel University obtaining undergraduate Mathematics and postgraduate Statistics and Teaching (FE) qualifications.

His teaching of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing to a variety of A level, undergraduate and professional accounting/business students, was spread over 22 years in the Further and Higher education sector in Kent and Nottingham. He has published three major texts in academic statistics and business mathematics and one main-author statistics research paper.

Andre's involvement with perinatal statistics began in 1995 at the Queen's Medical Centre P.R.A.M. unit in Nottingham working under Jason Gardosi and progressed to the Perinatal Audit and Institute in 1999. His particular research interests centre around fetal growth modelling. Currently there are more than 10 perinatal research papers with his name as second or subsequent author.

Other interests mainly involve music, contemporary and classical, listening as well as performing, and he is a member of both the Nottingham Harmonic and Nottingham University Adult Education choirs singing 1st Tenor.


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