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The Institute was set up in April 2000 as a substantial expansion of the former Perinatal Audit Unit. Its remit is to address the high rate of perinatal mortality and morbidity in the region, and to aid improvements in perinatal care. The Institute is funded by the West Midlands Regional Levy Board. Mission statement

Our aim is to attack adverse outcome in all three categories of 'avoidability':

  1. Audit and targeted research to determine why perinatal mortality is high in the West Midlands, and whether the causes are avoidable - e.g. prematurity and its link to neonatal mortality;
  2. Collaborative projects to assess the feasibility of service developments - e.g. to improve the poor detection rates in fetal growth restriction, which are linked to potentially avoidable stillbirths;
  3. Dissemination of evidence and improvement in training - to reduce deaths which are known to be avoidable, e.g. intrapartum fetal compromise resulting from insufficient training.






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